Graphic Design

What makes Meleyrs one of the top graphic design companies in India?

Use our services for custom graphic design. In order to assist you in communicating your brand story, our designing method starts with your customer and includes your brand values. Our talented graphic designers take your ideas and turn them into a well-thought-out work of art that engages your audience.

Meleyrs offers Full-Service Graphic Design.

We tell stories at Meleyrs, not just design them. We can assist you with all visual components of your business, from logos and graphics to website design, at reasonable prices, thanks to the skills and creativity of our team.

Here is what we do:


A logo and colors are just a small part of your brand design. You should consider a multitude of factors when it comes to visually portraying your business, including images, graphics, typefaces, styling, icons, logos, and names. To put it another way, comic sans typeface cannot be printed on a lawyer's business card. Similarly, you cannot use an ornate, medieval-looking typeface on your website if you run an IT company.

In order to establish a lasting impression on both your target audience and the general public, strong brand identity designs are crucial for brand development. If the design of your brand identification makes an impression, you will surpass your rivals.

Meleyrs, a creative corporate identity graphic design business in Bangalore, can assist you in establishing the proper brand identity to effectively position your company in the public eye. We take care to present a picture of professionalism, efficiency, and expertise. Meleyrs ensures that the visual and aesthetic components connected to your business accurately convey the key principles and advantages of your brand.