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Startegy and Plan

Having been in business for more than ten years, Basecamp is regarded as a dependable tool that is excellent at providing businesses with a high-level perspective of their teams. Similar to Asana, Basecamp provides extra capabilities including centralized document storage, scheduling tools, and direct messaging discussions in addition to monitoring tracking.Basecamp's goal is to combine all of its rivals into one powerful management platform in order to compete with Slack, Asana, Google Drive, and Dropbox.


Managers and team members can remain on top of their work life with Basecamp, which was created with the busy businessperson in mind. The software promises that because it already has that feature built in, users won't have to drown in a sea of emails. The scheduling and tracking tools also make sure that teams never miss a deadline again. An intriguing feature of Basecamp is that managers can do away with the requirement for "check-in" meetings by asking staff members to provide a daily summary of their accomplishments via an automated message. Workers can then indicate in their recaps what they completed or what they still need help with by "tagging" teammates.


One distinctive aspect of Basecamp is that, in contrast to some of its competitors, it charges a flat-fixed monthly fee of $90 for a team, regardless of size. This means that Basecamp doesn't charge for an increase in the number of users or projects.

Why It’s Good for SEO Pros

There are numerous deadlines and action items involved in managing an SEO campaign for a customer. It takes a full-time position to manage client emails, meetings, and core documentation.

Basecamp is one of the greatest all-around software solutions available, and it helps busy SEO professionals remain on top of their entire business by enabling them to check in with their team and deadlines more easily using a single, user-friendly interface.Basecamp is primarily used by Casie Gillette, senior director of digital marketing at KoMarketing, for client communications.

"Our main channel of contact with clients is Basecamp," stated Gillette. "It provides an easy way to track the conversation and adjust documents accordingly for any deliverable."